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Audiences become actively involved as they get the opportunity to play traditional Afrikan instruments.

Workshop Plus performance: 3-5 days 2 hours a day.
Call for pricing:

Performances Pricings:

  • $175: 30-40mins Storytelling with instruments (up to 50 participants)
  • $300: 1hour Storytelling with instruments, simple costumes and props (up to 50 participants)
  • $1,000: 3hours Whole School by grade levels (school decides schedule)
Workshops Pricings:
  • $500: 11/2 hours (1 class) Listen, learn and perform a story as a full dressed performance.
  • 1 day to 2 week workshops available. Call for pricing

Adinkra Symbols Workshop
(Symbols from Ghana)

Materials are provided
Up to 25 participants
90 minutes


Facepainting (Various Cultures)

1 Hour
Price: $125
***All Prices and # of Participants are Negotiable*** 

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